Hygge in the Mid-South

I don’t think it’s any surprise that people are talking about hygge when we are living in the midst of such political, social, and cultural turmoil.  I’m not surprised, either, by the fact that it’s the new buzz word to get Americans to Buy More Stuff.  Truly, the antithesis of hygge.

What is hygge?


That’s right.  Hygge isn’t something you can buy. In all the rush to “make” hygge to “create” hygge, we’ve forgotten that it’s something we choose deep in our soul.  Contentment.  One dictionary said that it’s been thought that the word might also have come from the Danish word for “hug”.  That makes sense to me. It’s the after-hug euphoria.

Growing up in a cold climate in an era without computers, iPhones, and electronics, my home was always a source of hygge.  It was wrapping up in blankets watching television with my sisters and parents. It was hot, very sweet tea and toast points dipped in Karo Syrup mixed with butter.  It was staying home to play Scrabble and eat pizza on a wintry night.  It was sitting around the dinner table talking politics or school or religion and laughing.  It was about EXPERIENCE.  Experience with the people I loved.

We’ve become so electronically – intellectually – connected we’ve missed the importance of social and physical connection.  This search for “hygge” is a result of our deep seated need for all of those connections.  For balance.

Daybook 2017.3

November 6, 2017

Looking out my window I can see signs of Autumn everywhere.  My yard is lonely on this gray, rainy day.

I am thinking about humility and the overall lack of it in our culture. How does a society even cultivate a spirit of humility when it isn’t even a fruit of the spirit that we value?

I am thankful to be blessed with a spirit of thankfulness.  At this moment, I’m thankful for progressive lenses.  I never thought I would stop wearing contacts, but that I have.  I do put in my contacts (also progressive these days – finally) on sunny days so I can wear sunglasses when I’m driving.  Purple sunglasses.  Something else to be thankful for!

I am creating a new space in my living room and playroom.  New “built in” shelves along one wall have taken the place of boring old bookshelves.  We hung fake brick paneling on the wall before setting up the Ikea shelves, sans back.  Now these two spaces feel more connected.  And the living room feels much brighter without the dark, formal bookshelves.

I am wearing black capri leggings (surprise!), a teal mock turtleneck, new SmartWool socks, and old tennis shoes.  And my glasses.

I am watching NCIS: New Orleans, now in Season 3 and almost caught up.  Have you ever noticed how so. many. television shows recreate the family in the workplace?

I am hoping for a new placement.  Still.  It’s been two months since our last blessings went to their great-grandparents.  I’m craving the chaos that comes with having little ones in the house.

I am learning about hygge.

Hygge (/ˈhjuːɡə/ HEW-gə or /ˈhuːɡə/ HOO-gə) is a Danish and Norwegian word which can be described as a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

In my kitchen I’ve actually been cooking again.  Even when it’s just me.  It is really hard to cook for only one when you are used to cooking for a crowd!  I’m thinking that leftovers will be the key for me.  Last night I had leftover hashbrown casserole with dippy eggs on top.  Yum.  On the menu:  leftover ham and bean soup and beef pot pie from Sunday Dinner leftovers.

The Sometimes ADHD Rosary

Some days there are no deep thoughts.  No surprising revelations during prayer.  No special moment to point to that is the highlight of the day.

Some days you pray the rosary and your brain doesn’t cooperate.

  • Did you know that Eden’s Garden Four Thieves and Eucalyptus oils, when diffused together, smell like stale insence?  I love that smell!  And how perfect for prayer.
  • Why is only one eye sticking shut from my allergies?
  • Wow. Those baby chicks are loud.  Wow. Those baby chicks aren’t making noise.  Did the cats get them?!
  • Did the kid who hates science really just decide to go to nursing school?
  • Stop wandering mind and maybe we’ll find something to write about today.

Just keepin’ it real!