The State of Humility

Humility in America.  Is that an oxymoron?  Great men and women are often credited with it, yet humility is nearly always associated with weakness and disregarded by the general public.
“Humility is an unpopular — one might say barely considered, hence untaught — virtue, but it is the key to developing a fully virtuous life and a just society. The practice of humility does not allow one to serve a perception of one’s own power, nor to reduce other people to “things” or objects. Rather, rather it forces one to consider the gifted humanity of the other; it understands the privilege of known and serving the other”

The article was addressing Harvey Weinstein and the culture of Hollywood that allows men like him to escape consequences.  But I find it just as pertinent to the discussion about gun violence in America.  Sunday’s shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas,  had a very strong thread of domestic violence.

Since 1982, 88 violent mass shootings have been committed by men compared to 2 by women.  Overall, 90% of all murderers in America are men.

This is so stunning, I can’t move past it.  We have a culture of extreme individualism and machismo. I knew this.  But women are living proof, evidently, that humans can show restraint and find better outlets for their anger and injured pride.