Daybook 2017.3

November 6, 2017

Looking out my window I can see signs of Autumn everywhere.  My yard is lonely on this gray, rainy day.

I am thinking about humility and the overall lack of it in our culture. How does a society even cultivate a spirit of humility when it isn’t even a fruit of the spirit that we value?

I am thankful to be blessed with a spirit of thankfulness.  At this moment, I’m thankful for progressive lenses.  I never thought I would stop wearing contacts, but that I have.  I do put in my contacts (also progressive these days – finally) on sunny days so I can wear sunglasses when I’m driving.  Purple sunglasses.  Something else to be thankful for!

I am creating a new space in my living room and playroom.  New “built in” shelves along one wall have taken the place of boring old bookshelves.  We hung fake brick paneling on the wall before setting up the Ikea shelves, sans back.  Now these two spaces feel more connected.  And the living room feels much brighter without the dark, formal bookshelves.

I am wearing black capri leggings (surprise!), a teal mock turtleneck, new SmartWool socks, and old tennis shoes.  And my glasses.

I am watching NCIS: New Orleans, now in Season 3 and almost caught up.  Have you ever noticed how so. many. television shows recreate the family in the workplace?

I am hoping for a new placement.  Still.  It’s been two months since our last blessings went to their great-grandparents.  I’m craving the chaos that comes with having little ones in the house.

I am learning about hygge.

Hygge (/ˈhjuːɡə/ HEW-gə or /ˈhuːɡə/ HOO-gə) is a Danish and Norwegian word which can be described as a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

In my kitchen I’ve actually been cooking again.  Even when it’s just me.  It is really hard to cook for only one when you are used to cooking for a crowd!  I’m thinking that leftovers will be the key for me.  Last night I had leftover hashbrown casserole with dippy eggs on top.  Yum.  On the menu:  leftover ham and bean soup and beef pot pie from Sunday Dinner leftovers.


October 30, 2017

Looking out my window it’s another bright, sunny day.  But with the end of October, it’s finally brisk and feeling like Autumn.

I am thinking about politics and political parties and the future and how messed up our two party system is.  I’m thinking about whether our current representation in Washington has the moral courage needed to make real change.  And on top of that, I am thinking about how one middle-aged semi-retired lady in flyover country of flyover country can possibly make a difference.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be so caught up in all my thoughts.  I have a husband who has always provided for us financially, a roof over my head, good food on the table, and a new car in the driveway.  I don’t have to worry how I’m going to pay the electric bill or our car insurance.  I don’t even need to work outside the home, for which I’m exceptionally thankful since being able to stay home makes me a better foster mom.

I am creating graphic art.  I just finished a big project to help a new online friend campaign for New Jersey State Assembly.  I love doing this and look forward to more opportunities.  I also need to create more for my Facebook page!

I am wearing black leggings, a loose flowing tunic (with POCKETS!), and my Keen water shoes.

I am watching all sorts of grown-up shows.  I’m not a big fan of watching television so when we have little ones in the house I choose to keep it off at night.  Since we don’t have any extras at the moment I’ve been watching prime tv with Ashe and Elwood.

I am hoping for a new placement.  Today.

I am learning how to use PhotoShop more extensively.  It takes time because I always seem to be in a hurry to get things done.  BUT, now that I know Adobe has its own font library, I find myself more inspired.

In my kitchen it’s starting to look more like a kitchen and less like the junk drawer.

Hike 49

Decided on a whim to go for a hike this morning.

  • Forgot to grab a water bottle.
  • Forgot a snack.
  • Forgot a headband or hat.
  • Didn’t tell anyone where I was going.
  • Didn’t bring long sleeves.
  • Wore my glasses instead of contacts.

I was hungry, thirsty, sweaty, blind (from the fog on my glasses), and freezing (cool humidity doesnt mix with tank tops).

BUT – I did remember to take a selfie!


September 25, 2017

Looking out my window it’s a beautiful sunny day. The kind with little puffy clouds and warm sunshine that makes you want to sit on the porch and drink sweet tea.

I am thinking about people and how horrible we can be too each other. Wondering how to inspire others to show more empathy. Wondering how to BE more empathetic myself.

I am thankful for the quiet of an empty house.

I am creating life books for K and W along with a template to use in the future. My goal is to have our placements be part of the making of their books.

I am wearing summer clothes. At the end of September. Yep. It’s southern Kentucky.

I am watching When Calls the Heart with Ashe. Trying not to be too indignant about how much the story line’s been changed, not complain about the low-budget costuming, and not rant about the insertion of modern feminism into a time where it’s completely out of place.

I am hoping for a kinder future.

I am learning how to be more patient. (STILL, at age 50!)

In my kitchen not much is happening.  Right now there’s a frozen dinner baking for our dinner.  I’d barely gotten used to cooking for three when we became a family of seven.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the quiet, I’m ready for the circus to come back to town!  I’m much better at cooking for a crowd.

And that’s my first daybook entry.  I hope it gets easier!

Rejoice Always!

O Joyful Catholics, Where Are You?

I can’t agree more with Randy Hain!  Too many Christians I know run around with their faces all puckered up, making clear when they have been offended or are judging those less “Christian” than themselves.  And fear, oh the fear!  Even when their fear is logically unfounded.

This makes me heart hurt.  My life is by no means perfect.  I’ll spare the details.  My choice is to wallow in the problems (often things I can’t change) or embrace the JOY that comes with knowing how very much I am LOVED by the Creator.  By Christ.  Like Mary and Jesus’ disciples, I can be patient during the long, scary night knowing that at dawn Jesus is alive!

be all there

Talk about direct communication from God!  Before noon today, this Jim Elliott quote – one I hadn’t heard before – has come across my desk THREE times.  When the author of the book I’m reading quoted him, I finally got that the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something.  

I’ve been holding back myself lately.  From my family, my friends, strangers.  God. 

It’s part of the introspection that comes after a life-threatening, life altering diagnosis.  My paradigm has shifted now that I’ve faced my own mortality for the first time.  As an introvert and closet philosopher, that means turning inward and tuning out the world around me. I can be physically present, but emotionally and spiritually absent.  Which leads to loneliness.  The beginning of despair.  And then more introspection.  I know this endless circle well!

Until I’m reminded…  be ALL there.  

I got this.  With your help, Jesus!