be all there

Talk about direct communication from God!  Before noon today, this Jim Elliott quote – one I hadn’t heard before – has come across my desk THREE times.  When the author of the book I’m reading quoted him, I finally got that the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something.  

I’ve been holding back myself lately.  From my family, my friends, strangers.  God. 

It’s part of the introspection that comes after a life-threatening, life altering diagnosis.  My paradigm has shifted now that I’ve faced my own mortality for the first time.  As an introvert and closet philosopher, that means turning inward and tuning out the world around me. I can be physically present, but emotionally and spiritually absent.  Which leads to loneliness.  The beginning of despair.  And then more introspection.  I know this endless circle well!

Until I’m reminded…  be ALL there.  

I got this.  With your help, Jesus!

That somewhat awkward moment when you are thinking about the parable of the unforgiving servant, and you suddenly understand completely the parable.  The shock that YES you must forgive.  The dawn of realization that you are the servant demanding repayment.

Then embarrassment because you’ve had head knowledge of this as long as you can remember. It only took 50s years to actually SEE the words.


America in Decline? I don’t think so!

Column: America in Decline? A Gloomy History

It is funny to watch all the comments about how people who disrespect the flag or don’t stand for the national anthem should be thrown our of the country, since we’re so great and all that and they aren’t respecting as they should.  And then these are the same people spewing doom and gloom, the end of the word, how horrible things are in America.   Ironic much?

And then you point it out to them…   but suddenly they’re deaf.

We are NOT “screwed”!

Are we really? Have things been SOOO bad these last eight years that you think you’re screwed if we have another four like them?

  • Unemployment is down
  • The economy is more stable
  • Fewer troops are risking their lives for countries and causes not our own
  • We still have a free internet and press
  • We have homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, parks, and food on the table.

Electing Hillary Clinton isn’t going to change that. Truthfully, electing Donald Trump isn’t going to change that much, either, with the exception of our military. His biggest threat is to diplomacy and our national security.

I wish we would start acting like we are the educated people we are and lose the hyperbole.

The Lesser Evil?

Can a candidate make promises about issues then do something different in office? Yes. Can a candidate present a sense of good character in public then later be revealed to be a fraud? Sure. The same happens with pastors, spouses, employees, and in virtually every other relationship. But that sense of surprise and disappointment is not the same as knowingly delegating our authority to someone with poor character or wicked public stances.

Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?

A politician can make mistakes and support political positions that I disagree with, but that doesn’t make him or her evil.  Additionally,  it is statistically unlikely that every person agrees with their candidate of choice 100% of the time and on 100% of political issues.  Yet, we’ve devolved to this place in American politics that anyone who doesn’t agree with me or votes differently than me is evil.  (Actually, not adhering to either party results in an awful lot of people thinking that I am “evil”.  Thankfully, my skin’s gotten thicker as I’ve aged and I’ve also grown into the ability to laugh at absurdity rather than rail against it.)

Yet, I do consider Donald Trump evil.  I believe that he is not only NOT a Christian but also malicious and immoral.  Evil.  That is based on the filth he has spewed from his his mouth – JUST during this campaign!  I think his actions and words have shown him to be a person with “poor character and wicked public stances”.  I’m not interested in his positions on the issues because I don’t want that kind of person leading my country!

I can disagree with Hillary Clinton’s political positions without assassinating her character or announcing that she’s “evil” or “more evil” than anyone else.

In the upcoming election, we get to choose between Hillary Clinton (not evil, regardless whether we agree with her) or Donald Trump (evil, and there is proof of this based on his own words). It’s a sucky place to be, but an unfortunate reality with our two-party system.

And personally, I’ll choose the person who I don’t believe is evil (regardless of party affiliation) every time.

Where is “Home”?

Sara Groves – Painting Pictures of Egypt

I’m especially thinking about this today, my first day home after four days visiting my family where I grew up.  We lived there for four years after being away for six years.  That was the first time I truly understood “you can never go home again”.   It was still a good place and we made new memories, but it was hard adjusting to the fact that all these people had six years of memories that didn’t include me.  Six years when we all grew up, got married, and had kids.

It’s been 15 years since we moved away for the last time.  So much has changed. My head says I should feel like I belong in this place, but my heart says it’s all wrong.