Shape-o-Toy:  never out of style!

I finally, after 24 years of parenting, fully understand the design concept of the Shape-O-Toy. 

The precocious one year old can’t remove the shapes without help.  Which means he can’t throw them into the farthest reaches of your house never to be seen again.  Or undo all your hard work picking up the shapes and putting them in the box by throwing them back out just as quickly.  

The Melissa & Doug wooden shape box is cool looking.   And I love that it’s not plastic.  But sometimes survival and sanity come first.  

Pope Bony Face

or Why we should still teach Latin

Random fact of the day:  Popes Boniface III and Boniface IV were the first consecutive popes to bear the same name.

It’s more mind boggling to think that there have been NINE popes with the name Boniface.  Until you remember that it’s Latin, so maybe it doesn’t mean “bony face”.

light bulb moment
bonifatius = fortunate

From the Late Latin name Bonifatius, which meant “good fate” from bonum “good” and fatum “fate”. This was the name of nine popes and also several saints, including an 8th-century Anglo-Saxon missionary to Germany (originally named Winfrid) who is now regarded as the patron saint of that country. It came into use in England during the Middle Ages, but became rare after the Protestant Reformation.