Hike 49

Decided on a whim to go for a hike this morning.

  • Forgot to grab a water bottle.
  • Forgot a snack.
  • Forgot a headband or hat.
  • Didn’t tell anyone where I was going.
  • Didn’t bring long sleeves.
  • Wore my glasses instead of contacts.

I was hungry, thirsty, sweaty, blind (from the fog on my glasses), and freezing (cool humidity doesnt mix with tank tops).

BUT – I did remember to take a selfie!

Hike 41 – 52 Hike Challenge 2017


Mayapples in April

I wish this kid could have met my Girl Scout leader, Mrs. Taft. Not only did she love taking us outside into the woods behind our school, she was also the librarian. Does it get much better than that?

Mayapples remind me of her. They are the first wild plant that I learned by name and I learned from our walks in the woods with Mrs. Taft. Before I was even old enough for Girl Scouts. Things I remember… her husband retired from the Navy, they had a lot of kids and their youngest daughter was just enough older than me that I looked up to her, she drove a VW Van, lived in a converted school house, and loved to tell us stories about her family’s adventures courtesy of the U.S. Navy.

may apples

We’ve lived in Southern Kentucky for 10 1/2 years and I *just* realized that the mayapples bloom in APRIL here!


Blue Holes for a Blue (skies) Day

Today we hiked the Echo River Spring trail and the River Styx Spring trail at Mammoth Cave National Park.  This was Hike #5 of our #52HikeChallenge2016.

Flat gravel trails.  Beautiful views.  Few people.  And awesome scenery. Couldn’t ask for more.  I think this is my favorite hike so far, although I’m looking forward to seeing Cedar Sink again now that the flowers are popping out.



Green River Bluff Trail

Overcoming My Fear of Heights the Hard Way

This is Hike #4 of our #52HikeChallenge2016.  The views made it all worthwhile and I honestly wasn’t as freaked out now that Aislin is 18 and not 5.  Nothing quite like visions of your preschooler diving headfirst off a cliff to induce vertigo..

Note to self:  no hiking with toddlers or preschoolers on this trail!


To the bottom of the sinkhole!

My favorite place to create selah is in the outdoors.  Not just outside, but in the woods with no cars or planes or tractors or the hum of air conditioners.   So glad that Mammoth Cave is just about in our back yard!

Cedar Sink Trail was amazing.  Not a long distance – just 2.2 miles out and back – but for this overweight middle-aged chick the elevation change was a challenge.  And I did it!  Time for quiet and prayer (with the sound of the creek in the distance), and then the excitement of reaching yet another hiking challenge.

This was Hike #3 for the #52HikeChallenge2016.

Cedar Sink 1