my next rosary obsession

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I think I’ve found my kindred spirit…

The Wrap-Around-a-Rosary was created to fill two specific needs. If women today are going to maintain a devotion to the rosary they need something accessible, not tucked in the glove box or shoved in the bottom of an overcrowded purse. Also, in an age of mass-produced trinkets, women need reasonably priced but still beautiful devotional pieces.

You won’t find the one in the picture in the shop. It’s on it’s way to ME!



Too busy for the rosary?

I wish I had started praying the rosary when my kids were still babies.

Granted, I didn’t start praying the rosary until about 5 or 6 years ago.  I wasn’t Catholic and I didn’t pray it regularly at all in the beginning.  When I finally gathered the courage to admit that my heart had been Catholic for a long time and actually start RCIA, I was praying it a couple of times a week.  Then, six months after that our family wound up in the middle of a storm with hurricane strength.  There was nothing I could do to fix things…  except pray.  So on a rather typical, mundane day, I spent the afternoon praying for my babies (who were 17, 21, and 23), including the rosary.  During that afternoon, I was convicted to pray the rosary daily for them.

For the past eighteen months I have prayed the rosary every day.  It was a struggle in the beginning, especially as I stumbled over the longer prayers.   Now I can’t remember what it was like before it became part of me.  It is the source of my peace.  My quiet.  My selah.  (And actually the inspiration for my blog and Etsy shop name!)

Okay.  REALITY CHECK.  Would I have actually prayed the rosary when I was a scatter-brained stay-at-home-mom homeschool my three wildlings?

I’d guess not.  Unless someone sent me a copy of this article.

| 13 Ways a Busy Mom can Pray the Rosary


the spirit intercedes…

| When you’re hurt too badly to pray, let the spirit do the groaning

We can’t escape being injured or injuring others, but we can allow God to bring mercy to birth in us.

September 1992, the day after Labor Day.  My babies were 8 months and 2 1/2 years old.  We lived more than 2000 miles from our family and T was on sea duty.  And I had major surgery to remove my thyroid that had grown to historic proportions and was crushing my windpipe.

There were problems at the very beginning, things I shouldn’t have remembered due to the anesthesia but…  redhead.  The recovery room was a nightmare.  Pain.  Fear.  Isolation.  Wanting to sleep so I could forget all those things, but the inflatables on my legs woke me up every 10 minutes or so. Then it would start again.  Pain. Fear. And so on.

And then I remembered and UNDERSTOOD.

The Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words.

My pain, too deep for words.  My fear, too deep for words.  My isolation, too deep for words.  And suddenly I just knew.  And the paralyzing fear turned into comfort.  I wasn’t alone.  The pain was only for the moment.

“Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words.”
Romans 8:26

The Sometimes ADHD Rosary

Some days there are no deep thoughts.  No surprising revelations during prayer.  No special moment to point to that is the highlight of the day.

Some days you pray the rosary and your brain doesn’t cooperate.

  • Did you know that Eden’s Garden Four Thieves and Eucalyptus oils, when diffused together, smell like stale insence?  I love that smell!  And how perfect for prayer.
  • Why is only one eye sticking shut from my allergies?
  • Wow. Those baby chicks are loud.  Wow. Those baby chicks aren’t making noise.  Did the cats get them?!
  • Did the kid who hates science really just decide to go to nursing school?
  • Stop wandering mind and maybe we’ll find something to write about today.

Just keepin’ it real!