Hygge in the Mid-South

I don’t think it’s any surprise that people are talking about hygge when we are living in the midst of such political, social, and cultural turmoil.  I’m not surprised, either, by the fact that it’s the new buzz word to get Americans to Buy More Stuff.  Truly, the antithesis of hygge.

What is hygge?


That’s right.  Hygge isn’t something you can buy. In all the rush to “make” hygge to “create” hygge, we’ve forgotten that it’s something we choose deep in our soul.  Contentment.  One dictionary said that it’s been thought that the word might also have come from the Danish word for “hug”.  That makes sense to me. It’s the after-hug euphoria.

Growing up in a cold climate in an era without computers, iPhones, and electronics, my home was always a source of hygge.  It was wrapping up in blankets watching television with my sisters and parents. It was hot, very sweet tea and toast points dipped in Karo Syrup mixed with butter.  It was staying home to play Scrabble and eat pizza on a wintry night.  It was sitting around the dinner table talking politics or school or religion and laughing.  It was about EXPERIENCE.  Experience with the people I loved.

We’ve become so electronically – intellectually – connected we’ve missed the importance of social and physical connection.  This search for “hygge” is a result of our deep seated need for all of those connections.  For balance.

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