September 25, 2017

Looking out my window it’s a beautiful sunny day. The kind with little puffy clouds and warm sunshine that makes you want to sit on the porch and drink sweet tea.

I am thinking about people and how horrible we can be too each other. Wondering how to inspire others to show more empathy. Wondering how to BE more empathetic myself.

I am thankful for the quiet of an empty house.

I am creating life books for K and W along with a template to use in the future. My goal is to have our placements be part of the making of their books.

I am wearing summer clothes. At the end of September. Yep. It’s southern Kentucky.

I am watching When Calls the Heart with Ashe. Trying not to be too indignant about how much the story line’s been changed, not complain about the low-budget costuming, and not rant about the insertion of modern feminism into a time where it’s completely out of place.

I am hoping for a kinder future.

I am learning how to be more patient. (STILL, at age 50!)

In my kitchen not much is happening.  Right now there’s a frozen dinner baking for our dinner.  I’d barely gotten used to cooking for three when we became a family of seven.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the quiet, I’m ready for the circus to come back to town!  I’m much better at cooking for a crowd.

And that’s my first daybook entry.  I hope it gets easier!

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