rosary love

Rosary beads are more than just a string of counters for me.  I love to feel the weight of them in my hands.   I love the cold smoothness of each bead, the gentle acknowledgement of a decade done when I feel a larger or differently shaped bead.  The detail of the cross and the texture of the centerpiece.

I also love to pray the first rosary on every one I make.  And even more, I love to pray with a rosary that has been prayed by someone else.  The more someone elses the better.  It’s like a line of prayer warriors standing before Jesus, praising him and honoring His Mother, who has prayed with each of us.  HISTORY.  Is there anything better?

Some day, when money isn’t an issue I’m going to buy a vintage rosary.   The older the better. I’ve even considered collecting them.  Actually, I collect them now, I just can’t pay much for them so mine are all newly made by me or by someone else!

I decided to go browsing on Etsy.  (Some people have Pinterest, I have Etsy.  My own personal time suck vortex.)  Click on the pictures to take you to the shops selling these!


Early 1900s Vintage Coral Rosary
1920s Purple Tiger’s Eye Rosary


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