A Week of Firsts

After homeschooling her whole life, my youngest had her first day of school away from home at college.  It’s SO quiet, even with three little ones in the house, with her gone.

My middle child had the first day of her last semester in college.  (WHEW!)

My oldest had his first day of full time college.

Max asked for TEA instead of coffee.  He also got a Little Tikes tractor.  Because every farm kid should have their own tractor.

Nick stood up all on her own at the McDonald’s playland.  It only lasted a split second, but I *saw* it!

Gus found his feet.  And discovered they can go in his mouth.  But not at the same time.  He also learned that he can stick out his tongue. So, he does.  A lot.  He also decided that he likes avocados mashed with plain kefir.

Mostly I just sit here and revel in the joy each one brings me.  But there’s always the bittersweet…  my first babies all grown up and living their lives apart from me.   And the bonus kiddos’ parents missing out on so many firsts.  So many smiles.  Hugs.  They filed a complaint saying we won’t let them talk to their kids.  I want to scream at them, “Don’t you know I’m doing this for you as much as them?!  Don’t mess it up!”

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