Oh how the mighty have fallen…

No, it’s not cheeseburger.  Or a McDouble.  It’s a double (more MEAT!) quarter pounder with cheese.  And I may even have eaten some fries. 

It took not eating at McDonald’s for eight months before it would make me sick when I did indulge.  It’s took about two weeks to get used to it again. 😐  Today, I didn’t even pretend I don’t eat there and went straight for the MEAT. 

So what does that have to do with humility?  Once upon a time I felt that people only ateat  McDonalds because it’s cheap (big families gotta eat, too) or because they weren’t as enlightened as those of us who were intelligent enough to recognize how awful the place is.  Same with whole foods cooking. 

I. was. wrong.  

It’s survival.  And I realize now that I would still feed my first two “crap”, because that’s what I have time and energy for. I would also still buy paper plates and napkins, despite my new environmental awareness. And the stack of cloth napkins under the sink. (Which were really cheap Walmart washcloths, and they are awesome for washing the babies at the sink.)

I need to remember this the next time I want to beat myself up with all the parenting “mistakes” I made in the 90s. 

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