We are NOT “screwed”!

Are we really? Have things been SOOO bad these last eight years that you think you’re screwed if we have another four like them?

  • Unemployment is down
  • The economy is more stable
  • Fewer troops are risking their lives for countries and causes not our own
  • We still have a free internet and press
  • We have homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, parks, and food on the table.

Electing Hillary Clinton isn’t going to change that. Truthfully, electing Donald Trump isn’t going to change that much, either, with the exception of our military. His biggest threat is to diplomacy and our national security.

I wish we would start acting like we are the educated people we are and lose the hyperbole.

One thought on “We are NOT “screwed”!

  1. To use another hyperbolic cliche, don’t hold your breath on it. The GOP nominated a narcissist, and he thinks discussion of issues means trading insults with anyone who disagrees. I agree with you that the nation won’t implode even if “the wrong person” gets elected, but until the election, a whole lot of people will be behaving immaturely. I think I’ll be taking a lot of long walks.

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