Thoughts after three weeks with the little boys.

  1.  Parenting young adults is emotionally exhausting.  Parenting toddlers is physically exhausting.  I am now fully exhausted.   I found the cure for insomnia!
  2. Love grows every single day together.
  3. I have no clue what they should call me.  I’ve been thinking “Mia”, short for Mama Mia.  No, I don’t really like the song.
  4. I’ve rediscovered all my favorite Veggie Tales sing-along songs.  And I still don’t know the words to The Hairbrush Song.
  5. The combination of chasing toddlers and eating with them just might be the best weight loss plan ever.  Until you start remembering to add enough french fries and chicken nuggets to the tray for yourself.
  6. Be careful what you diffuse… you might put yourself to sleep instead of the toddler.
  7. I can’t stand shopping at K-Mart.
  8. Tiny little clothing is pain in the rear to move from the washer to the dryer, the pieces tend to stick to the side of the washer… on top, where I can’t see it, and they take FOREVER to fold.
  9. I wasn’t prepared to feel so much empathy for their parents.  I want them to succeed!  I want this little family to be reunited.
  10. I have so much I want to write in this journal and so little time to actually write it.


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