The Sometimes ADHD Rosary

Some days there are no deep thoughts.  No surprising revelations during prayer.  No special moment to point to that is the highlight of the day.

Some days you pray the rosary and your brain doesn’t cooperate.

  • Did you know that Eden’s Garden Four Thieves and Eucalyptus oils, when diffused together, smell like stale insence?  I love that smell!  And how perfect for prayer.
  • Why is only one eye sticking shut from my allergies?
  • Wow. Those baby chicks are loud.  Wow. Those baby chicks aren’t making noise.  Did the cats get them?!
  • Did the kid who hates science really just decide to go to nursing school?
  • Stop wandering mind and maybe we’ll find something to write about today.

Just keepin’ it real!

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