blast from the past!

The Breakfast Maker
Muddy Boots, April 2007

It is important to note that
the Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt was NOT my idea.
Or her father’s idea. Or the idea of one of her siblings.
When the Eagles went to the Super Bowl we were living in Philly and
she just HAD to have one of these because everyone else did.
I mean… folks wore their Eagles outfits to church on Superbowl Sunday!
(I, being the passive aggressive being that I am,
And, no, she does NOT remember to make her bed even though her
loving (and very orderly) sister posted the reminder note above her head.

The Eagles t-shirt!  The family will NOT let her forget the Eagles thing.  Nine years later and it still comes up in conversation a few times a year.  She still doesn’t make her bed, but now she has orders from the allergist not to (it helps get rid of extra dust mites).  This probably isn’t much of a contemplation about the past, except that this girl is getting ready to graduate from high school.  Already.  The last one.  My baby.  *sniff*

Tired of trying to cram her sparkly, star-shaped self into society’s beige, square holes, she chose to embrace her ridiculous awesomeness & shine like the freaking supernova she was.

Credit: Erica Kathleen

Definitely my sparkly child.

Okay, not really sniffing as much anymore because her last couple of years in high school have been like being in an endless holding pattern without ever getting to land.  I’m thrilled to be moving into my next season and having more choice in what I do!


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