Mr. Rogers & Social Justice

The ‘radical’ legacy of television’s Mister Rogers

The Radical Politics of Mister Rogers: 10 Fascinating Facts


I’ve always wondered how I managed to grow up with such a strong sense of social justice.  I’m sure part of it was the place I grew up.  Some may have come from St. Mary’s and Pr. Hall, our youth pastor throughout my high school years.  My mom contributed, too.  But those things just don’t add up to this being a central part of my being.

Mr. Rogers.  OF COURSE!   I wasn’t a fan of PBS kid shows at all.   I tolerated Sesame Street (granted, it was really for the preschool set) and I nearly hated Electric Company.  But Mr. Rogers?   I *loved* Mr. Rogers.    I was still watching it in high school whenever I had the chance.  And college.  Then I watched it with my own kids, although they didn’t see nearly as many episodes as I did since there were so many other things competing back in the 90s.  Like work.  And VeggieTales.

Thank you, Mr. Rogers, for teaching me how to love people!

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