This past year has been a whirlwind.   Too much time to think, but not enough time to actually stop and process the thoughts.   Creating Selah had been in my head for over a year without a name.  Once the name came to me, I opened my shop and started selling my handmade rosaries.  Then we remodeled.   And I continued to think about the purpose of my shop, my hopes for my shop, and (the hardest part) how to put that down in mere words when it’s so much more feeling than tangible thought.

In a moment of deep sadness and on a whim (also know as procrastination), I searched “Creating Selah” on Google.  And found this beautiful blog post by Adriel Booker, who just might be my new favorite blogger.  She GETS it!   And she can even put it into words!

Selah: Pause & Listen

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